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The Photographer

For many years I’ve been in the Wellness field as a Life Counsellor & Coach supporting clients intuitively to heal holistically from life challenges and finding purpose in life. The call of my creative self send me on a path to discover my own creative expression, photography, which became my voice in the world. I’ve learned to trust my inner voice in becoming a conscious creator of my life and art as a photographer.

As a young girl I fell in love with images and photographs from my mother’s magazines and photo albums. When I re-discovered photography in my adult life, I immersed myself fully in learning from various photographic courses and workshops nationally and internationally.

My adventurous spirit I got from my parents’ love for road-trip holidays to the Kalahari, Karoo and other parts of South Africa and with my new gained knowledge of photography, I started to travel more extensively. It is through travelling African countries, like Namibia, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Zanzibar that I cultivated a love for wildlife, African cultures and indigenous tribes. My African travels allow me to get involve with and bring awareness to the conservation of traditions of indigenous people and wildlife.

Travelling to other countries and continents introduced me to documentary, street and travel photography, which I love to present in black and white for a timeless edge. I am inspired by the work of the old photography masters, as well as people who share the love of storytelling through images.

Susan Greeff is currently based in Langebaan on the West Coast, Western Cape, South Africa. When she is not travelling for her own photographic portfolio, she facilitates photography classes and workshops for beginners and advance photographers. She also leads photographic safaris to Namibia, South Africa and other destinations on request. She is also available for Boudoir, Portrait, Lifestyle and Event photography. Susan also offers photographic retreats with themes like “Sense of Place – Sense of Self” and “Photography as a Healing Art”.

She is an Accredited Life Coach & Counsellor, and a member of PSSA (Photography Society of South Africa)

Some of her photographs were awarded in national and international contests and appeared in publications and artist profiles.

Her book “The Search for Creative Expression – Photography as a Healing Art” will be available by the end of 2020.

Other Photography Websites of Susan:

Portrait & Boudoir: Always Summer Photo

Photo Safari: Namibia Photo Safari 

My Story

Many moons ago, I had a dream of designing beautiful homes, I was married with two sons. … One day while drawing a house plan, my pen keep on giving me problems, I tried several other pens, but same thing happened. By then I was teary eyed with frustration and in a helpless moment I threw my hands up to heaven and asked, “God if I can’t design houses, then what am I suppose to be doing?  … if not this then what?

A voice, as clear as if someone was with me in the room, said: “Help people design their life.” I was so surprised that I asked it again and got the same answer: “Help people design their life.” I got up, cleared out my desk and informed the college that I’m not completing the course.

In that same week I read about The Journey from Brandon Bays and signed up for her seminar as well signing up for a counselling course at SACAP. Two years later, I qualified as a counsellor and later as a life coach. as well as different therapy modalities (Emotional Freedom Technique, NLP and others) which allowed me to holistically support people with life challenges. During this time my intuition got stronger, I learned more about life purpose and started to feel in flow of what I’m suppose to be doing.

 I loved my career as a life counsellor, but something was missing … I felt like I wanted to create something from my own self, like an interesting hobby or art form. 

Photography as a Healing Art
©Susan Greeff

A Zen quote says: “When the student is ready the teacher will come.”

I heard about The Artist Way of Julia Cameron and joined a group that just happened to be facilitated by one of my neighbours! During the course I remembered that I always loved photography and bought myself a “proper”digital camera. Well to say the rest was history almost sounds too cliched … I pursued my interested in photography and attended several workshops and courses and with it came travelling, another passion of mine.

During this time of finding and living my creative expression as a photographer, another life challenge emerged. My marriage fell apart and my life spiralled down out of proportion and I closed the doors of my counselling and coaching practise, I couldn’t help others while my life felt a mess. I lost trust in my own abilities, I lost my self-worth as a woman and I questioned my life.. I felt so scattered in life as if my soul was broken into a thousand pieces, spread all over the world. With the support of my family, friends and counselling, I was able to stay afloat, but it was in my creativity as a photographer and the ability to travel that really pulled me through.

Hiding my pain behind photography and traveling,

I often wondered if I was running away from life.

Every photographic opportunity and trip brought its challenges and gifts. I gained trust and self-confidence in my creative abilities, I pushed my comforts zones to let go of ungrounded fears, changed my perceptions and broadened my perspectives.

It took me on inner and outer journeys where I learned more about myself and the art of photography.

  • I found myself again in the African wilderness, doing wildlife photography, realising again the immense greatness of the Universe.
  • I found myself again connecting with different cultures … the simplistic life of African tribal people, appreciating the abundance in my life.
  • I found myself again in the face of the person in front of my camera, seeing the beauty of their being, sensing their essence.
  • I found myself again in the many mindful moments I captured with my camera. 
  • I found my inner voice again … knowing and trusting that everything is in Divine Order

It is not running away from your challenges …

it is running towards your best creative self!

I believe that each person has a creative gift to be acknowledge and shared. And through exploration of other destinations and cultures we find ourselves again. Photography and Traveling have the amazing gifts of liberating us from comfort zones, change our perceptions and take us on inner and outer journeys.

Mindfulness in Photography is the difference in taking a picture and making art.







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