About Susan

“If Art is life experiences expressed through creative technique, photography is one method for concentrating those experiences into images. You don’t need a lot of craft or technique to produce fine photographs.When you express your world clearly, and you shoot what you see, the results will be artistic” ~ Michael Wood

The Photographer

For many years I’ve been in the Wellness field as a Life Counsellor & Coach supporting clients intuitively to heal holistically from life challenges and finding purpose in life. The call of my creative self send me on a path to discover my own creative expression, photography, which became my voice in the world. I’ve learned to trust my inner voice in becoming a conscious creator of my life and art as a photographer.

As a young girl I fell in love with images and photographs from my mother’s magazines and photo albums. When I re-discovered photography in my adult life, I immersed myself fully in learning from various photographic courses and workshops nationally and internationally.

My adventurous spirit I got from my parents’ love for road-trip holidays to the Kalahari, Karoo and other parts of South Africa and with my new gained knowledge of photography, I started to travel more extensively. It is through travelling African countries, like Namibia, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Zanzibar that I cultivated a love for wildlife, African cultures and indigenous tribes. My African travels allow me to get involve with and bring awareness to the conservation of traditions of indigenous people and wildlife.

Travelling to other countries and continents introduced me to documentary, street and travel photography, which I love to present in black and white for a timeless edge. I am inspired by the work of the old photography masters, as well as people who share the love of storytelling through images.

Susan Greeff is currently based in Langebaan on the West Coast, Western Cape, South Africa. When she is not travelling for her own photographic portfolio, she facilitates photography classes and workshops for beginners and advance photographers. She also leads photographic safaris to Namibia, South Africa and other destinations on request. She is also available for Boudoir, Portrait Portfolio, Lifestyle and Documentary photography. Susan also offers photographic retreats with themes like “Sense of Place – Sense of Self” and “Photography as a Healing Art”.

She is an Accredited Life Coach & Counsellor, and a member of PSSA (Photography Society of South Africa)

Some of her photographs were awarded in national and international contests and appeared in publications and artist profiles.

Her ebook “The Search for Creative Expression – Photography as a Healing Art” is available on Amazon and Smashword.

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